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Austin DWI/DUI Attorney

Driving while intoxicated (Texas Penal Code – Section 49.04) is recognized as a serious criminal offense in the state of Texas. This has resulted in law enforcement officials making it a priority to stop drunk driving. Unfortunately for many drivers in Texas and the Austin area, as Ian Inglis Attorney at Law knows, this has caused many people to face the possibility of being charged with a DWI and having to deal with the serious consequences that conviction for this offense can bring.

Conviction of a DWI and DUI can result in prison sentences, large fines, and the creation of a criminal record, all of which can have a large impact on a person’s life. Therefore, it is essential that those who have been accused of DWI or DUI have the representation of an experienced legal representative. Without such representation, it is much more likely that a person will face unwanted severe penalties that could have potentially been avoided.

DWI/DUI Charges in Texas

There are numerous charges classified under and associated with DWI according to the Texas penal code. These include:

The potential consequences that can arise from any of these charges can be great and, as such, make having experienced legal representation necessary in order to effectively combat the accusation and possibly avoid the penalties.

Talk to a DWI Lawyer in Austin

If you have been charged with DWI or DUI, you need an experienced attorney on your side. With the help of Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, you can rest assured that you have the legal knowledge and resources at your disposal to get a potentially positive outcome. Call (512) 472-1950 today to discuss the charge you are facing and learn more about how our team can help you in this difficult situation.

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