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Austin Theft and Fraud Lawyer

Under Texas law, theft (Texas Penal Code – Section 31.03) and fraud (Texas Penal Code – Chapter 7, Section 32) are treated seriously as criminal matters. Though the penalties for theft and fraud can vary considerably based on the circumstances under which the crime occurred, the challenges that any conviction for theft and fraud can impose on a person’s life can be considerable.

For this reason, Ian Inglis Attorney at Law believes it is essential for people in Austin who have been arrested or charged with theft or fraud in any form retain the services of a qualified legal professional. With such guidance and support, it is often much easier to defend one’s self against the accusations that you are facing, not to mention it is often more likely to receive a reduced sentence or have the charges dropped altogether.

Theft and Fraud Criminal Charges

Theft and fraud charges can take a wide range of different forms. However, some of the most common that people find themselves facing include:

Whether you are facing any of these or other related theft and fraud charges, it is critical to enlist the support of a skilled defense attorney to protect your rights and freedoms.

Speak with a Theft and Fraud Attorney in Austin

When you are facing any type of theft or fraud charged, you need a qualified legal representative that you can trust on your side. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law knows what it takes to successfully defend clients against such charges and can work with you to build a strong defense. Find out more about what our legal team can do for you by calling our offices at (512) 472-1950.

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