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Facing criminal charges in any circumstance can be an agonizing experience. The consequences that individuals may face in their lives as a result of a criminal conviction can be extraordinarily challenging to deal with. The criminal penalties alone can often be damaging to a person’s rights and reputation, but the effects become even more serious and long-lasting when combined with the consequences that a criminal record can have on their personal and professional life.
Fortunately, Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis understands the struggles that criminal suspects may be facing after being charged with breaking the law. No matter how minor or severe the charges you are facing may be, we work diligently on your case to help protect your rights and interests under the law to the fullest possible extent. With our help, you can fight to have the charges against you reduced in severity or dropped altogether.

Types of Cases


We can help you to fight DWI & DUI charges and keep your license.

Theft and Robbery

From shoplifting to armed robbery charges, Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis can help protect your rights and freedoms.

Drug Crimes, Drug Possession

Drug crimes charges are a serious matter, but a criminal defense attorney can help suspects fight back.

Marijuana Possesssion

We can help you contest the charges or seek reduced sentencing for marijuana possession.

Cocaine Possession

A conviction for cocaine possession can ruin your life—we can help you fight for your freedom.

Methamphetamine Possession

Being charged with meth possession is not the same as a conviction, and we are ready to help.

Gun Possession, Unlawful Weapons

Your Second Amendment rights may need protection – we know what it takes to protect yours.

Assault and Battery

Innocent individuals are often charged with assault and family violence—let an experienced criminal defense attorney defend you against these allegations.

State Jail Felonies

A felony conviction can follow you the rest of your life. We can help you protect your future.

Check Fraud, Hot Checks

Writing a bad check can be an innocent mistake with serious consequences.

White Collar Crimes

Defending yourself against white collar crime charges is extremely difficult without an Austin criminal defense attorney’s help.

Expunction, Expungement

Clearing your criminal record can have profound benefits at any stage in your life.

What Clients Are Saying

"When faced with a legal challenge which seemed impossible, I found the right legal advisor in Ian Inglis. He was able to successfully navigate the situation, exceed my expectations, and deliver the best possible result. I appreciated the time he took to listen and his upfront approach. I highly recommend him and plan to utilize his services in the future. Thanks again Ian!"

- real life resident of Austin, G.P.

Criminal Defense Resource Center

It can be hard to know what your rights or your options for defending yourself may be after you are charged with a crime. That’s why our dedicated legal defense team has put together the following collection of resources for answering your criminal defense questions and helping you to get the information and assistance you need.

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