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Defending Against Allegations of Accounting Fraud

Even when companies are under investigation for accounting fraud, company accountants should consider retaining legal representation to help them protect their interests right away. Though the lawyers that will be representing the interests of your employer may also protect your interests as an accountant, their primary concern will be with well-being of the company itself. With that in mind, personal representation may be critical to helping you protect your own interests, particularly if your employer believes that you bear particular blame for the investigation. Though these charges may be frightening, you need to remember that you still have the opportunity to defend yourself.

If you or your employer has already been indicted for accounting fraud, our attorneys can help you begin developing a legal strategy that is capable of protecting your interests throughout the legal process.

Possible Penalties Associated with Accounting Fraud

The penalties that are associated with accounting fraud can be devastating, potentially resulting in the following penalties:

  • Prison Sentence
  • Substantial Fines
  • Asset Seizure

With so much on the line, you will need to do everything you possibly can to protect your future from any of the potential consequences of a conviction upon accounting fraud allegations.

Consult with an Accounting Fraud Attorney in Austin

If the company you work for is being investigated or has already been charged with accounting fraud, you should speak with Ian Inglis Attorney at Law in Austin to begin developing a legal strategy to help you protect your rights. To discuss the particulars of your accident with an attorney in Austin, please call our offices at (512) 472-1950 today.

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