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Defending Against Shoplifting Charges in Austin

With an estimated $13 billion of merchandising stolen every year from retailers nationwide, shoplifting charges are treated seriously by police all over the country. In Austin, as in the rest of the state, the effect of a conviction for shoplifting can have a lasting impact upon the rest of your life. With that in mind, it is critical that you retain legal representation as early on in the legal process as you possibly can so that you and your attorney can begin developing your defense.

Possible Shoplifting Penalties for Misdemeanor Offenses

The penalties associated with shoplifting charges are almost directly related to the dollar amount of the stolen property allegedly stolen from the retailer. Depending upon the severity of the charges leveled against you, it is possible that you may face any of the following consequences for a misdemeanor offense:

  • Fines up $4,000
  • Up to a year of jail time
  • Difficulty finding a job

A shoplifting conviction can affect your life for years to come. The legal process may feel intimidating, but you do not have to face this situation alone. Our Austin criminal defense team may aggressively pursue the best possible result from your case, which ideally involves the reduction or altogether elimination of the charges brought against you.

Consult with an Austin Shoplifting Defense Attorney

At Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, our Austin shoplifting defense attorneys understand how your charges are likely to be pursued by Austin prosecutors and, thereby, how best to defend against them. To discuss the particulars of your arrest and subsequent charges with one of our criminal defense attorneys, please call our offices at (512) 472-1950 today.

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