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Facing Allegations of Identity Theft

As the use of personal information has become more and more prevalent on the internet, reports of identity theft have likewise become more common. With its greater social transparency, identity theft has become a more aggressively persecuted crime. As such, allegations of identity theft can be frightening because of the severity of the consequences that may result from a conviction. Finding legal representation as quickly as possible could be critical to facing identity theft charges; with an experienced lawyer, it may be possible to reduce or eliminate the charges altogether.

Variables Affecting an Identity Theft Conviction

For some, an identity theft conviction may necessitate prison time or the payment of substantial fines, not to mention the possibility that financial restitution must be made to the alleged victim. The following factors are likely to play a substantial role in determining the particulars of your charges:

  • How the personal information was allegedly gathered
  • Whether any of the allegedly stolen funds were used to finance further criminal or terrorist activity
  • The exact monetary value of any cash or property allegedly stolen
  • When a group is suspected of identity theft, each individual’s alleged involvement will be considered

An experienced identity theft lawyer can help you understand the charges that will likely be brought against you.

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