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Felony DUI and DWI Charges

Depending upon the severity of the situation and its particular circumstances, drunk driving charges may be pursued as either misdemeanor or felony offenses. Since felony charges will carry much more severe penalties than any misdemeanor, you will need to take every precaution you can if you have been charged with a felony.

A felony conviction is likely to impact almost every aspect of your life. Even if you are not sentenced to jail time or made to pay high court fines—under the very best of circumstances—your career and personal life will be affected simply because you have a felony on your record.

Aggravating Factors in DUI and DWI Charges

Drunk driving charges may be elevated from misdemeanor to felony charges under a number of circumstances, including but not limited to incidents involving the following:

  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Intoxication assault
  • Presence of a child passenger
  • Third DWI/DUI charge

Whatever the particulars of your charges happen to be, our Austin legal team can help you prepare a comprehensive legal defense against those charges.

Consult with a Felony DWI and DUI Attorney in Austin

If you have been charged with a felony offense for driving under the influence, you should speak with an Austin felony DWI and DUI attorney with Ian Inglis Attorney at Law. Our legal team can evaluate your case and then help you prepare a comprehensive legal defense of your charges. To discuss the particulars of your case with an attorney, please call our Austin offices at (512) 472-1950 today.

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