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Fighting Charges of Possession with Intent to Sell

Facing criminal charges for possession with intent to sell is serious and can negatively affect your personal life and professional future. Because a significant amount of an illegal drug must be in possession to be charged with possession with intent to sell, those convicted face heavy fines and lengthy jail time. Contacting an experienced possession with intent to sell lawyer can help protect your legal rights during this difficult time. At Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, our Austin legal team is prepared to help you fight for a better outcome in your case.

Possession with Intent to Sell Penalties

Though penalties vary based on the particular charges you are facing, if convicted, you could face the following penalties:

  • Fines ranging from $2,000 to $100,000
  • A jail sentence ranging from 180 days to 99 years
  • Other consequences, including difficulty being hired and trouble finding housing

The above consequences are serious and can alter the course of one’s life significantly, even after fines have been paid and your jail sentencing has ended. Enlisting an experienced lawyer is an important step when facing drug charges.

Contact an Attorney

Charges of possession with intent to sell are concerning because they could be life-changing. If you are facing such a charge, please contact our Austin legal team at Ian Inglis Attorney at Law. We have successfully defended clients facing drug charges. Call us today at (512) 472-1950 to discuss your personal situation.

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