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Fighting Computer and Internet Crime Charges

Computer crimes are not uncommon considering how prevalent computer technology has become in our society. Federal and state governments have laws criminalizing various types of behavior involving computers, computer systems, and the internet, and each of these has its own specific implications and ramifications. Lawmakers have not held back in implementing increasingly aggressive regulations for individuals thought to have used a computer for unlawful activity, and that is why it is pertinent that you have a reputable defense attorney who can fully uphold your rights and plan a strategic case specific to your situation as you face this type of criminal charge.

Types of Charges

There are a plethora of offenses that can fall under the category of “computer crime,” which is considered any crime that targets another computer or which uses a computer to commit the crime, including:

  • Unlawful use or access
  • Access for fraudulent purposes
  • Data theft
  • Child pornography

Another category, “Internet crime,” covers any activity specifically involving the internet in some way. This includes emails, websites, or using the internet for identity theft to name a few. Specific examples include:

  • Luring/soliciting of children
  • Harassment, stalking, bullying
  • Federal wire fraud

Contact a Qualified Defense Attorney Today

Penalties for these sorts of crimes vary greatly, from relatively minor fines to probation or jail time. Being charged is something that should not be taken lightly, especially with the numerous laws, evidentiary issues, and extensive government investigations that can and will work against you if you don’t have a qualified and experienced defense attorney working on your side. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law is well versed in providing the support you will need to get you through a possible criminal charge, as well as consistent provision of legal advice specific to your the particularities of your case. To get someone who you can depend on to work fervently in upholding your rights to the fullest and in lowering or even eliminating the penalties of your case, contact Ian Inglis Attorney at Law today at (512) 472-1950.

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