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The Five Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft refers to any situation in which a person illegally uses someone else’s personal information to impersonate them and/or acquire goods, services, or anything of value. Identity theft rates have risen with the growing prominence and popularity of the internet. ID theft is considered a federal crime, and the consequences of a conviction can be damaging to an individual’s personal and professional well-being. What many people do not realize is that identity theft comes in many different forms. Some of the most common types of identity theft include:

  1. Financial Identity Theft: this type of ID theft occurs when someone uses another individual’s personal information to obtain access to that their finances. This includes illegally accessing credit cards, bank accounts, and more.
  2. Criminal Identity Theft: all identity theft is criminal, but this category refers to a specific kind of ID theft. Criminal identity theft occurs when an individual who has illegally obtained access to someone else’s identifying information provides the false name and identity to law enforcement officials. For example, if someone is pulled over for speeding and they provide the police officer with another person’s ID information, this is considered criminal identity theft.
  3. Medical Identity Theft: this category refers to any situation in which an individual uses another person’s name or health insurance numbers in order to obtain any type of health care. This can include doctor visits, drug prescriptions, and more.
  4. Synthetic Identity Theft: this is the newest form of identity theft. Synthetic ID theft involves stealing a combination of many different people’s identities, in order to create a new identity altogether.
  5. Child Identity Theft: when a person obtains a child’s personal information, such as their social security number, and proceeds to acquire any goods or services, this is considered child identity theft.

All forms of identity theft are considered serious offenses and are not treated lightly by the US justice system. Anyone facing identity theft charges will need an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side in order to give themselves the best chances of having a successful trial.

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