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Audit reveals 298 wrongful drug convictions

Barry Demings was on his way to work in Beaumont when a member of the Houston Police Department pulled him over and found white powder on the floorboard of his Ford Explorer. The officer charged Demings with a felony drug possession based on the results of a primitive test administered roadside. The test is worth $2 and has been known to give highly erroneous results. After agreeing to a plea deal, Demings left Texas for good, losing his job, his girlfriend, and his vehicle in the process.

Demings is among the 298 individuals convicted of drug possession who end up innocent after crime lab tests come back at a later date. The New York Times and non-profit organization ProPublica said in a report issued on Sunday, July 10 that there are more than 200 wrongful drug convictions in Harris County due to roadside tests that are riddled with mistakes. Police officers can misidentify illicit drugs, including prescription pills and marijuana.

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