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Austin lab closure sparks controversies over DNA-based convictions

Austin Police Department’s forensics laboratory was closed in May 2016 after discoveries of contaminated evidence and faulty scientific protocol during a Texas Forensic Science Commission audit. Following this development, defense attorneys believe that some convictions should be investigated because they might be worth overturning.

At present, staffers at the district attorney’s office are almost a third of the way through checking the police department’s forensic investigations since 2004 to determine the number that resulted in trials and convictions. So far, they say around 1,044 cases resulted in 863 convictions for the defendants, Director of Special Prosecutions Gregg Cox said. The laboratory is set to reopen in 2017, but local authorities are still in contention about whether they will allow the police department to run it independently. One major problem contributing to this conundrum was the fact that the police department created its own testing methods with no scientific basis, and they continue to stand by these methods.

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