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Felony for fraud charge could result in lifetime imprisonment

Forty-seven-year-old Houston, Texas attorney and firefighter Brian Storts is in danger of spending his life in prison after he was indicted last Tuesday, August 26 with a first-degree felony for swearing to false statements to get credit, the Houston Chronicle reported.

According to Assistant Harris County District Attorney Lester Blizzard, Storts allegedly made use of false financial documents to acquire a $400,000 house for another lawyer, Ricardo Baca, who is being investigated in a different case.

Baca also allegedly arranged a deal to take $210,000 from another criminal defense lawyer to become part-owner of several cell phone stores, but this was apparently a scam.

Baca’s attorney said Baca will likely agree to a plea bargain and will plead no contest. This deal will also determine the fate of his law license.

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