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Former Montwood football coach denies theft allegations

Former El Paso-based Montwood High School football coach Chuck Veliz denied stealing money from the football program, even as an audit by the Socorro Independent School District showed thousands of dollars unaccounted for. The school district also claims that Veliz violated a handful of district policies and did not keep receipts or documentation of the money he handled. The FBI is currently helping to investigate the matter.

Jim Darnell, Veliz’s legal counsel, said the allegations against his client are wholly false, noting “most of the time the coach was dipping into his own pocket because [the school district and the football team] did not have enough money for things.” These allegations are accompanied by a memo given to the superintendent five days before Veliz retired, accusing him of physically touching students and players in “demeaning and unprofessional manners.” Some of the players reportedly quit the football team because of “unprofessional treatment” by the coach.

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