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Houston considered major hub of Medicare fraud

In the latest incident of Medicare fraud, “patients” were collected at a McDonald’s near the downtown bus station in Houston. They were then offered 50 or 100 dollars and a free ride to an orthopedic clinic. Once they were there, all they had to do was report neck, back, or hip pain, or another vague complaint involving the joints.

During the third week of June, numerous individuals were charged with stealing $900 million in a nationwide Medicare scam. Almost two dozen business owners and medical professionals in the Houston area were charged with stealing $136 million.

U.S. Attorney General for the Southern District of Texas Ken Magidson said greed and easy money are factors contributing to the prevalence of such schemes. He noted, “The people who commit these crimes are not just defrauding the government of hundreds of millions of dollars, they are attacking the entire health system.”

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