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Investor files lawsuit against ‘RHOA’ husband Peter Thomas for fraud

An Atlanta-based investor named Taylor Thomas filed a $150,000 lawsuit against Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas in North Carolina for allegedly defrauding him in a business deal.

Taylor said the lawsuit concerns Thomas’ new club, Club One. Apparently, Thomas persuaded him to invest a huge sum into the business, promising the place would get a lot of publicity on Thomas’ new spin-off series, Bravos’ What’s Peter Doing Now.

According to Taylor, he was led to believe that there was no need to market the club because the supposed reality TV show should take care of that. However, no television show seems to have materialized. Taylor said Thomas contacted him multiple times regarding the investment, promising him a 15% return on his $150,000 investment. This fraud charge is not the first for Thomas regarding his business. In 2014, he was sued for $100,000 when he allegedly broke the lease on another one of his Atlanta nightclubs, Bar One.

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