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Man convicted of planning to kidnap his attorney

Forty-eight-year-old Long Island, New York resident Glenn Terry was found guilty of second-degree attempted kidnapping and five weapons charges on Thursday, October 27. His charges are in relation to his plot to kidnap his attorney, Frank Tinari, over disagreements related to a personal injury settlement, a report from Newsday showed.

Terry, who is a former resident of Hortsville in Suffolk County, will be sentenced on Wednesday, December 14. Investigators said Terry was conspiring to kidnap Tinari for over a year. He allegedly planned to bind Tinari with duct tape, keep him in his father’s basement in Hortsville, and douse Tinari with gasoline.

Tinari, who is the chairman of the Suffolk Conservative Party, obtained a $450,000 settlement for Terry because he was scalded after falling into a bathtub of boiling water. Terry was allegedly disappointed with the amount of the settlement.

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