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Austin Domestic Violence/Abuse Attorney

Domestic violence and abuse cases involve some form of injury between two or more individuals living in the same household. This might occur between spouses, lovers, a parent and child, roommates, etc. The injuries involved might be physical, sexual, emotional, or otherwise, and even the threat of injury (assault) can lead to criminal charges.

An individual who is accused of committing an act of domestic violence or abuse may face hefty legal penalties upon conviction. As such, our criminal defense attorneys at Ian Inglis Attorney at Law believe that individuals accused of domestic violence/abuse deserve a solid legal defense.

Domestic Violence/Abuse Charges

There are two formal charges that a person may face in Austin cases of domestic disturbance:

The two are very different, though people often use them interchangeably. Even under the diction of Texas law, the terms describe very similar conduct. Regardless, it is imperative to discuss your situation with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Austin if you are ever formally accused of one of these crimes. With a solid legal team by your side, you can construct a legal defense that better ensures the integrity of your future endeavors.

Contact a Domestic Violence/Abuse Attorney in Austin

If you or someone you know is facing domestic violence/abuse charges in the Austin area, our criminal defense legal team at Ian Inglis Attorney at Law may be of invaluable help to your situation. Feel free to discuss your legal options with one of our attorneys today by calling our Austin office at (512) 472-1950.

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