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Austin Cocaine Possession Attorney

The possession of cocaine (TEX HS. Code Ann. – Section 481.102) is treated with extraordinary severity under Texas’ legal code. Even in the smallest amounts, cocaine possession can land an individual in jail, while larger amounts of the drug can result in lengthy or even lifetime prison sentences. On top of these possible consequences, the establishment of a criminal record resulting from cocaine possession can have devastating consequences for an individual’s life.

Because of the severity of the consequences that conviction of cocaine possession can have, Ian Inglis Attorney at Law believes it is essential that anyone in Austin who has been charged with cocaine possession seek the help of a skilled defense attorney. With the help of such a professional, you are more likely to be able to successfully defend yourself effectively against the charges you are facing and avoid severe consequences.

Cocaine Possession Charges

Cocaine possession can have a range of different criminal charges linked to it, depending on the amount the individual may have had in their possession at the time. These can include:

  • State jail felony
  • Third-degree felony
  • Second-degree felony
  • First-degree felony
  • Enhanced first-degree felony

All of these potential criminal charges can have serious consequences for those who face them, from lengthy prison sentences to thousands of dollars in fines.

Speak with an Austin Cocaine Possession Lawyer

If you have been charged with cocaine possession in any amount, Ian Inglis Attorney at Law can help you defend yourself against the possibility of conviction. Call (512) 472-1950 to learn more about your defense options and what our legal team can do to help you through this difficult time.

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