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Austin Drug Crimes Attorney

Texas has earned a reputation for taking drug crimes extremely seriously. Unlike some other states in the U.S., Texas has a “zero tolerance” attitude when it comes to drug offenses. Because a felony or misdemeanor drug charge on your permanent record can have a lasting impact on your life, from taking away your freedom to making it difficult to find employment, it is important to have an experienced attorney like Ian Inglis Attorney at Law on your side.

For decades, both the state and the federal government have placed an enormous emphasis on enforcing laws against the possession, sale, or manufacturing of illicit drugs (Texas HS. Code, Title 6, Chapter 481). As a result, many people have found themselves facing potentially severe penalties for seemingly minor crimes. Unfortunately for anyone charged with a drug crime, these charges often carry substantial criminal penalties for even relatively minor infractions, and as a result, many individuals have seen their lives destroyed because of a conviction for any type of drug crime.

Because of the serious challenges that individuals who have been accused of any type of drug crime in Austin may face, Ian Inglis Attorney at Law believes it is important to have the representation of experienced legal counsel in these situations. Without such representation, it is possible that a person will be convicted of the most severe crime possible and find themselves facing life-altering penalties that they could potentially have otherwise avoided.

Ian Inglis recognizes that a drug conviction can seriously harm your future and he will fight strongly on your behalf to get the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether. It is important not to delay getting the legal assistance you need, so make sure to call Ian Inglis Attorney at Law today at (512) 472-1950 to start building a strong defense.

Do I Need a Drug Crimes Attorney?

If you are being charged with a drug crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney to represent you. One thing to keep in mind is that not all attorneys have the same knowledge and experience as others, and you want to make sure your attorney has extensive experience handling drug charges specifically. Making the wrong choice could result in a tougher sentence than you deserve, so make sure to ask your attorney if he or she has handled this type of case in the past, and what successes they have had.

It is also important to hire a criminal defense lawyer as early as possible in the legal process to make sure you build a strong defense from day one. With experienced legal representation, it may be possible to have your charge reduced or completely eliminated.

Why Should I Choose Ian Inglis Attorney at Law to Handle My Case?

‪[Firm-name] has over 30 years of experience handling criminal defense cases, and is dedicated to providing you with the knowledgeable counsel that you deserve. Once he is hired to handle your case, he will gather information and research the specifics of your arrest. This includes speaking with witnesses and the prosecutor. By doing this, he is able to best advise you on the most aggressive strategies to help reduce the impact on your life and your livelihood.

At Ian Inglis Attorney at Law we understand how challenging life can be if you are facing criminal charges of any kind. It is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. When your freedom is on the line, you cannot risk going without a criminal defense attorney.

When you work with Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, you can have a peace of mind knowing that he will fight for you and will always seek the best possible outcome when handling your case. To read what past clients have said about their experience, read some client testimonials.

Levels of Drug Crimes

Drug crime charges can arise in a number of contexts, and the penalties that those accused of these different charges can face may vary substantially. Typically, though, drug crimes can be classified into four main categories, which are as follows:

  • Possession – There are federal and state laws that make it illegal to willfully possess controlled substances. The only exception is if you are properly prescribed a prescription.
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute – Possession with intent to distribute or sell is comprised of two elements with separate criminal charges. A suspect does not actually have to sell something in order to be charged with intent to distribute. These charges are highly circumstantial so it is important to seek the advice of an attorney to discuss your case.
  • Misdemeanor Drug Charges – Although penalties for a misdemeanor drug charge are less than at of a felony, a drug charge can still tarnish your criminal record. Maximum punishments include, up to one year in county jail, fines up to $4,000, and charges on your record.
  • Felony Drug Charges – Aside from possession of drugs and possession with intent to sell, drug manufacturing and drug trafficking are also considered felony drug charges. These drug charges have serious consequences and it is important to seek legal counsel immediately.

It is important to have an experienced, aggressive legal representative on your side to fight back against any drug crime charges that fall under these categories in order to avoid a criminal record and the other penalties that conviction can carry.

Is Drug Paraphernalia a Possession Crime?

In Texas, possession of drug paraphernalia is considered a separate criminal charge. Drug paraphernalia includes different types of pipes, bongs, and even rolling papers. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a Class C Misdemeanor, and delivering paraphernalia to a minor is a felony. However, it is important to hire an attorney in order to avoid being subject to harsher consequences. A criminal defense attorney can use several tactics to lessen the consequences of a drug paraphernalia possession. For example, if drug residue is not found of the paraphernalia, you have a better chance of your drug charge being dropped or lessened.

What are Examples of Defense Strategies?

While there are several defense strategies that may lessen the charges brought against you, in order to determine which tactics may suit your specific situation, please contact an Austin criminal defense lawyer today to discuss the specifics of your case. However, defense strategies against a drug crime include, challenging the search warrant used that lead to your arrest, determining that the drug in question was not yours in the first place, and proving that the amount of drug in question is not enough to deserve a criminal conviction. Ultimately, the circumstances surrounding each case are very different, so it is impossible to know what defense strategy you should take until you consult with an attorney. If you are facing charges and would like to discuss your case, contact us at (512) 472-1950 today.

What are the Consequences of a Drug Conviction?

In addition to possible incarceration and large fines, a drug conviction can have a negative effect on your life in many ways including:

  • Future Employment – Not only do some employers run background checks to screen for felony and misdemeanors, under the Texas Occupation Code, Texas licensing authorities may suspend or deny a license to anyone who has been convicted. This includes plumbers, nurses, teachers, electricians, etc.
  • Education – A conviction will bar you from being eligible for financial aid, Federal Student Loans, and prepaid scholarships.
  • Purchasing a Firearm – A drug conviction may result in the loss of the right to bear firearms and ammunition.
  • Civil Rights – If you are convicted of a drug crime, you will lose your right to vote, right to run for public office, and right to serve on a jury.

‪Drug Crime Statistics

Texas has some of the harshest drug possession penalties in the nation, so it is especially important to seek experienced legal counsel if you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the most recent statistics from September of 2017 suggests that more than 80,000 prison inmates stand convicted of drug crime offenses. Furthermore, the number of drug crime offenses makes up for 46% of all federal inmate crimes.

These statistics are staggering; almost half of the nation’s inmates are serving time for drug-related charges. This number includes severe and less severe charges.

Both the state and the federal government have placed an enormous amount of emphasis on enforcing laws against the use of drugs. Sadly, many people have found themselves facing potentially severe penalties for seemingly minor crimes.

Contact a Drug Crime Lawyer in Austin

Ian Inglis Attorney at Law knows how difficult and frightening facing a drug crime charge is. However, you are entitled to defend yourself in a court of law and, with the help of a skilled defense attorney, may be able to avoid unwanted and serious penalties.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a criminal drug charge, do not hesitate to call a drug crime defense attorney today. The longer you wait to speak with a defense attorney, the more difficult it might be to mount a successful defense. At Ian Inglis Attorney at Law we understand that your future and freedom are on the line, and we will not stop until we secure you the best possible outcome. Contact us at (512) 472-1950 today.

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