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Someone walks out of a bar after their one night off a week. They drank what they believed to be under their limit and drove home, but at the end of the night, they could be facing a DWI charge. There could be any number of reasons for this. One, alcohol is not immediately absorbed into the body in a phenomenon called ‘Rising Blood Alcohol Content’, and they may not have realized they were over the legal limit when they felt relatively sober. A cop could have simply smelled the alcohol on someone’s clothes if they were pulled over for a different traffic violation, prompting a field test. The breathalyzer a cop used could have had the wrong readings because of an improper calibration or another flaw. In all of these situations, the Texas Penal Code (Section 49.04) suggests that there is enough evidence for police to make an arrest for drunk driving. The arrest alone can leave a significant stain on the reputation and record of the accused.

Many drivers across the state of Texas have experienced the harsh penalties and punishments from the system of law enforcement that come with DUI and DWI accusations. The penalties don’t stop at the court either. The state can suspend your license, you could lose your insurance, and the arrest and/or conviction record could prevent you from getting future work. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law understands the harsh realities that come with such a charge, as he’s been taking on these cases for more than 35 years. A DWI or DUI conviction can range anywhere from fines, prison time, and a permanent criminal record. Unless someone charged has a qualified and experienced legal representative like Austin DWI lawyer Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, they could face potentially avoidable severe penalties.

DWI / DUI Charges in Texas

There is a wide spectrum of charges that someone could potentially be facing according to the Texas Penal Code. Texas’ DMV website mentions that these can vary depending on age, prior offenses, blood alcohol content (BAC), and other drugs in one’s system when charged. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law is more than equipped to handle any and all charges someone experiences; such charges include:

There is no mistaking that the consequences that accompany a DUI charge are extreme. However, without experienced legal representation, they are close to inevitable. Nobody should let their charges go uncontested. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law will fight for his clients against these accusations so they could potentially avoid the harshest punishments against their record and move on to getting their life back on track. Call us at (512) 472-1950 if you are facing any of the charges listed above.

DWI / DUI Statistics

In general, college students face disproportionate accusations and deaths when it comes to drunk driving. In a city like Austin, which was home to 34 different higher-learning institutions as of 2014, we are forced to confront strict DUI laws and the police officers that enforce them. In 2015, the city passed an ordinance that required all DWI offenders to have an ignition interlock installed, which prevents driving until the operator has checked their BAC. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) wants the law to require that anyone who even just refuses a field sobriety test install them as punishment. This line of thinking has a few problems:

  • Someone required to install an interlock device has to do all the leg work: this includes finding sellers and installing it by themselves
  • The interlock devices are expensive: one company offers their devices at $2.15 a day as an affordable option, but $65 a month can add up, and others can reach $120 monthly
  • An interlock device can require more features than a car actually has: this includes things like a camera, GPS system, and other requirements
  • An interlock device is always sending information to local law enforcement: this is either done in real time or information will be stored in the device to be sent later
  • Devices are required to test the driver at regular intervals during a drive: if someone started their car under the legal limit but, due to rising BAC, they’re over the limit for the next test, a driver could be left stranded

Other punishments for these accusations can be rather severe. Even something as simple as a violation of open container laws could mean a $500 fine and a class C misdemeanor on someone’s record. These punishments are difficult to defend against without the help of an experienced attorney. An adult could potentially be looking at penalties such as:

  • First Time Offense: Up to a $2,000 fine, six months in prison, two years license suspension
  • Second Time Offense: Up to a $4,000 fine, one year in prison, two years license suspension
  • Third Time Offense: Up to a $10,000 fine, ten years in state prison, two years license suspension

Other degrees of DUI and DWI charges can vary depending on the circumstances. Such as:

  • DWI with a Child Passenger: Up to a $10,000 fine, two years in jail, six-month license suspension
  • Intoxication Assault: Serious bodily injury caused to another person while driving under the influence—if convicted, it’s a 3rd-degree felony.
  • Intoxication Manslaughter: Involves killing another person while driving under the influence—if convicted, it’s a 2nd-degree felony.

It is estimated that over 300,000 drivers drink and drive, but only a fraction of that number is caught by the police and accused. Nobody should go through their charges alone. One night could potentially ruin everything that someone has worked for. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law will fight for his client and help them take their life back from potentially avoidable charges.

What We Can Do

There are many situations that could potentially lead to someone getting behind the wheel under the influence. Here at Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, we understand that nobody wants to face unwanted and cripplingly punishments that come with a DUI or DWI charge. There are more than a few ways to defend against such charges that could be used in one’s favor:

  • Officer did not follow proper legal procedures
  • Officer did not have a justifiable reason to stop them
  • Inadmissible Evidence
  • The accused was not read their Miranda Rights
  • Alternate behavior explanations

Nobody should ever be defined by their DUI or DWI arrest. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law is respected throughout our community as he is incredibly detail-oriented and works diligently to ensure that his clients’ rights are respected. We never promise anything that we cannot guarantee ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions about DUI and DWI Charges

Facing a DUI or DWI charge can be a very confusing time in one’s life. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding these charges for anyone going through such an ordeal.

How long will I my trial take?

It is difficult to say for sure how long any trial will take without learning the particulars of each case. It is highly recommended that you consult an attorney before making any decisions regarding these charges or making assumptions. Sitting down with Ian Inglis Attorney at Law will help determine the length of the trial at hand.

What is the difference between a DUI and DWI charge?

The state of Texas defines a DWI as Driving While Intoxicated whereas DUI is defined as Driving Under the Influence. A DUI is always a violation of the law regardless of the circumstances at hand and can be dealt to anyone under the legal drinking age. A DWI can only be applied to adults over the drinking age and is dependent on the blood alcohol level of the driver being over a certain limit (0.08% for residential drivers, 0.04% for commercial).

Why should I choose Ian Inglis Attorney at Law over other criminal defense lawyers?

In order to get back on track with one’s life after such an accusation, they ultimately need a lawyer focused on them who will look out for their best interest in the court of law. We have the experience to bring the law in favor of our clients and track record to prove our great service.

If you didn’t see your question call us at (512) 472-1950. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law strives toward providing the residents of Austin with the most comprehensive information possible so that our neighbors can defend themselves against predatory police tactics.

Talk to a DUI / DWI Attorney in Austin

Ian Inglis Attorney at Law is no stranger to the severity of a DUI or DWI charge. The first step to moving on from such penalties and taking one’s life back is getting the best professional legal assistance. It’s a proven fact that having an experienced legal representative gives you a much better chance at success. Call us at (512) 472-1950 if you or a loved one has been accused of a DUI or DWI charge and is facing severe charges. With 36 years of legal experience Ian Inglis Attorney at Law is anyone’s best bet when it comes to overcoming their charges.

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