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Austin Identity Theft Defense Lawyers

Identity theft is a federal offense and refers to illegally obtaining and using another person’s information for economic gain. Being convicted of identity theft in Austin has the potential to damage your reputation and ruin your professional aspirations. For many people, facing such serious charges can be incredibly stressful. If you face criminal charges in Austin, you may feel like you are out of options. Fortunately however, in seeking the help of a skilled defense attorney, you protect your right to a fair trial.

Though it is common to be stressed at this uncertain time, an Austin identity theft defense attorney like Ian Inglis Attorney at Law has the knowledge and skill to effectively handle your legal affairs. In defending your rights, attorney Inglis will work to avoid a criminal conviction and reduce any penalties that you may face.

What is Identity Theft?

In Austin courts, identity theft can take many forms. Illegal possession of the following can be used against you as evidence in a court of law:

  • Wire receipts
  • Incriminating messages from social networking websites
  • Copies of e-mails
  • Copies pages from personal websites
  • Chat room messages
  • Copies of documents with personal information included

If you are concerned about the effects that an identity theft charge could have on your future, contact a defense attorney who can help you through the trial process and work to minimize the penalties associated with a conviction.

Consult an Identity Theft Defense Lawyer in Austin Today

Identity theft is a serious crime that could have profound legal consequences for you and your family. Ian Inglis Attorney at Law understands what’s at stake when you face identity theft charges and is ready to fight for you in an Austin court. If you are going up against an Austin prosecutorial team, protect your interests today by contacting attorney Inglis at (512) 472-1950.

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