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Austin Computer Crime Attorneys

As our society increasingly depends upon computer and mobile devices to transmit critical personal and business information, lawmakers have taken a more aggressive stance toward the prosecution of individuals they believe to have compromised the computer or device of another. With that in mind, you will need to do everything you can to defend yourself against prosecutors in Austin.

With Ian Inglis Attorney at Law at your side, you can feel sure that your rights will be upheld throughout the legal process. Our Austin legal team will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive legal strategy intended to reduce or altogether eliminate your charges.

Computer Crime Charges in Austin

Computer crime comprises a broad range of activities that are conducted through computers and computer networks, including any action that may be characterized in the following ways:

  • The intentional targeting of computers with a computer virus or malware
  • The use of a computer to commit a crime like fraud or identity theft

Our Austin legal team understands just how much will be on the line for you and your family in this case. From the very beginning, we will do everything we possibly can to protect your rights and your future.

Consult with a Computer Crime Attorney in Austin

If you have even been contacted by police regarding allegations of a computer crime in Austin, Ian Inglis Attorney at Law can help you develop a legal strategy capable of challenging every aspect of the charges that have been brought against you. To confidentially discuss the particulars of your case with an Austin white collar crime attorney, please call our Austin offices at (512) 472-1950 today.

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