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Trial begins for Texas psychiatrist accused of sexual assault

The sexual assault trial against Texas state psychiatrist Dr. Charles Fischer started last Wednesday, October 26 in the 299th District Court before Judge Karen Sage.

In the two days of trial, prosecutors presented evidence against Fischer from the complainant as well as his mother, a friend, and the complainant’s counselor of eight years, Courtney Tate. Tate said the complainant had lingering guilty feelings because of what happened to him and due to his perceived role in his alleged abuse. The complainant said he was 15 years old when Fischer sexually assaulted him by rubbing his thigh and masturbating in front of him, twice.

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Man convicted of planning to kidnap his attorney

Forty-eight-year-old Long Island, New York resident Glenn Terry was found guilty of second-degree attempted kidnapping and five weapons charges on Thursday, October 27. His charges are in relation to his plot to kidnap his attorney, Frank Tinari, over disagreements related to a personal injury settlement, a report from Newsday showed.

Terry, who is a former resident of Hortsville in Suffolk County, will be sentenced on Wednesday, December 14. Investigators said Terry was conspiring to kidnap Tinari for over a year. He allegedly planned to bind Tinari with duct tape, keep him in his father’s basement in Hortsville, and douse Tinari with gasoline.

Tinari, who is the chairman of the Suffolk Conservative Party, obtained a $450,000 settlement for Terry because he was scalded after falling into a bathtub of boiling water. Terry was allegedly disappointed with the amount of the settlement.

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NFL’s Roger Goodell Goodell visits Austin’s domestic violence hotlines

September 27— In light of recent events, including that involving suspended Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, the NFL’s commissioner Roger Goodell came to Austin to visit the headquarters of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

The NFL has recently been criticized for how they decided to suspend Ray Rice several months after his domestic violence incident with his then-fiancee and now wife Janay Palmer Rice. Palmer Rice has been standing up for her husband, saying that both her and her husband were out of character that night.

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No bail for Fort Hood man found attempting to smother 14-month-old stepson

Twenty-three-year-old Fort Hood, Texas resident Charles Anthony Bartley has been incarcerated while awaiting trial for his felony charge of assaulting a minor with a deadly weapon, the Killeen Daily Herald reported on May 14.

It was the ruling of United States Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Manskre that Bartley not be assigned any bond until he can be tried in court due to the gravity and sensitivity of the case he faces. The child’s mother said she found Bartley smothering her 14-month-old son’s face with a pillow on Wednesday, May 7 as she came down the stairs. The child is Bartley’s stepson. Upon seeing that she witnessed the incident, Bartley left his home and surrendered to military police.

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