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Many DWI cases in Austin not prosecuted – state records

A large amount of the thousands of DWI cases in Austin, Texas are not prosecuted, state records showed, according to a KXAN report on July 24.

Detective Michael Jennings with the Austin Police Department’s DWI Unit said over 1,300 fatalities happened because of drunk driving on Texas roads in 2013. Jennings claimed that the APD’s DWI unit is among the agencies that are the most vigilant when it comes to solving and prosecuting DWI cases.

Even so, Jennings said he and his department are still frustrated because they see reoccurring arrests that do not result in conviction.

A driving while intoxicated conviction can affect your reputation, your career, and in some cases, even your freedom. This is why it is critical to enlist the help of a defense attorney who can advocate on behalf of your rights and interests throughout every aspect of the legal process. Contact the Austin criminal defense attorney Ian Inglis Attorney at Law by calling his office at (512) 472-1950 today to learn more.

Wife charged with arson after damaging home fire

Deborah Coffman, 32, was charged with arson after allegedly causing a fire in her own home by burning her husband’s shirt in a closet that they both share, KXAN reported on June 23.

The Coffman home, located at the edge of northeast Austin and Pflugerville, sustained significant damage in the incident. According to preliminary investigations, Coffman arrived home late after drinking and became involved in a heated argument with her husband.

Accounts are conflicted about what happened next. Coffman informed investigators at one point that she was laying down when she smelled smoke emanating from the closet. She tried to put it out and failed, instead fleeing the house. Another version of the story, however, blamed Coffman for the fire – leading to the second degree felony charge brought against her.

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