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Defense attorneys not subject to metal detectors at Commissioners Court

The Travis County Commissioners Court voted 4-0-1, with Judge Sarah Eckhardt voting in abstention, to say the Travis County Sheriff’s Office should not move forward with their security measures against defense attorneys. Formerly, the Sheriff’s Office planned to force attorneys to go through metal detector screenings each time they entered the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center.

At present, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office conducts background checks on attorneys, and those who pass are granted badges that enable them to skip the security lines. Defense Attorney Betty Blackwell said lawyers would be burdened by the new screenings. She averred that in any given day a defense attorney will come and go in and out of the building multiple times. Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association president Kellie Bailey said that none of the 23 courthouse shootings in Texas that happened from 2005 to 2012 were committed by defense attorneys.

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