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Marijuana advocates aim for ease of Texas’ pot laws

Washington, D.C.-based non-partisan and non-profit organization Marijuana Policy Project has a $200,000 budget to last through the 2015 legislative session and aims to use it advocating for legislative concessions in Texas regarding marijuana policy, the Akron Beacon Journal reported on May 21.

The group’s political director in Texas Heather Fazio said the goal is to treat marijuana like liquor, so it can be taxed and regulated. Fazio points to Colorado’s tax revenue earned in just three months of legalized marijuana trade. The state received $7.3 million in revenue from taxes. Once medical marijuana sales tax and licensing fees are added, that number increases to $12.6 million.

However, Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is averse to the proposal, claiming that legalizing marijuana would be detrimental to the state due to the negative effects of drug use.

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