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Many DWI cases in Austin not prosecuted – state records

A large amount of the thousands of DWI cases in Austin, Texas are not prosecuted, state records showed, according to a KXAN report on July 24.

Detective Michael Jennings with the Austin Police Department’s DWI Unit said over 1,300 fatalities happened because of drunk driving on Texas roads in 2013. Jennings claimed that the APD’s DWI unit is among the agencies that are the most vigilant when it comes to solving and prosecuting DWI cases.

Even so, Jennings said he and his department are still frustrated because they see reoccurring arrests that do not result in conviction.

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Judge Gisele Triana of Austin arrested for intoxicated driving

Judge Gisele Triana, the Travis County state district judge in Austin, was taken into police custody on March 21 for charges of driving while intoxicated, KRGV reported on March 23.

Police authorities stopped Triana’s vehicle as she was driving in Austin over the weekend due to allegations of speeding. According to her arrest warrant, Triana failed a field sobriety test after being pulled over, and troopers confiscated an empty alcoholic beverage from a compartment in her vehicle. Triana also succumbed to a blood test while in custody.

Triana was formerly an Austin municipal judge and assistant prosecutor and had been litigating civil cases as state judge since 2005.

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Jack Stick’s DWI trial rescheduled for April

The driving while intoxicated trial of former Texas health commission lawyer Jack Stick has been rescheduled for April of this year, once again delaying the judgment of a man who was recently linked to a state contracting scandal, the Houston Chronicle reported on February 20.

Prosecutor David Escamilla said Stick’s trial should have occurred on Thursday, February 19 but has been re-scheduled for Thursday, April 30.

Stick’s case was the result of a September 2012 arrest wherein Austin police said they stopped Stick for driving erratically while on the road, and Stick refused to submit to field sobriety tests.

Texas Governor Rick Perry received criticism for not asking Stick, a fellow Republican, to step down, although he attempted to force the termination of Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, who plead guilty to drunk driving.

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Texas Court of Criminal Appeals mandates warrant to test blood

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled November 26 that taking without permission or warrant the blood of a person suspected of intoxication is unconstitutional and violates that person’s right to the Fourth Amendment, which protects people from unwarranted searches and seizures, the Austin-American Statesman reported.

The decision came after the state appealed an earlier decision by a Texas trial court that ordered the suppression of a blood sample obtained from David Villareal when he was charged with a DWI and taken into police custody in Nueces County in 2013. Villareal was stopped for a traffic violation, but the police officer who asked him to pull over suspected he was intoxicated, performed sobriety tests on him, and drew his blood without Villareal’s consent.

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