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Former San Antonio defense attorney sentenced to 10 years

Hilda Valadez, a former defense attorney in San Antonio, Texas, was sentenced on Monday, April 21 to 10 years in prison and ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 for forging the signatures of District Judges Sid Harle, Angus McGinty, and Sharon MacRae on attorney fee payment forms.

Bexar County assistant criminal district attorney Patrick Ballantyne said Judge Stephen Ables, who ruled on Valadez’s case, might be open to what is known as “shock probation”, in which a convicted individual spends the first part of their sentence in jail, but serves the rest of the sentence out of jail on probation.

Trey Banack, another Bexar County assistant criminal district attorney and white-collar crime division chief, said Valadez’s crimes were exposed when a suspicious clerk verified the authenticity of a judge’s signature on her form.

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