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106 indicted in Waco Twin Peaks shooting

On November 12, a McLennan County jury in Texas turned out 106 indictments against bikers involved in the shooting that took place in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015, charging them with engaging in organized criminal activity and underlying offenses of murder and assault.

McLennan County District Clerk Jon Gimble said that nine out of those 106 indictments are still sealed because those defendants have yet to be arrested.

For his part, McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna said the grand jury has yet to determine what charges will be brought against the other 80 bikers who were arrested in the same incident that killed nine individuals and wounded 20 others.

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Hearing took place for Sandra Bullock stalker

Thirty-nine-year-old Joshua James Corbett was charged with stalking and burglary on April 9 by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry Bork in California after he was arrested at the residence of 50-year-old American actress Sandra Annette Bullock, TIME reported.

Corbet was found unarmed with a love letter in his hand on Bullock’s property, as the Oscar-winning actress hid inside her closet.

Corbett was also charged with possessing an arsenal of illegal weapons, which include assault weapons, tracer ammunition, and machine guns, all of which were found when police authorities searched his house.

Corbett’s defense argued that he suffered under a delusion that he and Bullock were married, and that Corbett intended no harm upon his visit to Bullock’s home.

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House bill filed to ban all federal restrictions on gun ownership in Texas

Newly re-elected Representative Timothy Alan Kleinschmidt (Republican of Lexington) recently introduced House Bill 176 which seeks to ban all federal restrictions on the right to possess and bear arms in the state of Texas, according to an article by the Tenth Amendment Center.

According to the provisions of the proposed legislation, any alleged violations of the Second Amendment, which allows for the possession of firearms, would be prevented. HB 176 will first be filed under a committee. It needs to get the approval of the members of said committee before it can be considered under full House deliberation.

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