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Tonya Couch charged with money laundering, hindering apprehension of a felon

A grand jury indicted Tonya Couch for money laundering and hindering apprehension of a felon last Thursday, May 26. Couch traveled with her son, Ethan Couch, to Mexico in 2015 after video evidence of  her son violating his probation was under investigation.

Ethan Couch was formerly found to be drunk and speeding near Fort Worth, Texas when he crashed into a stopped SUV and killed four people. His legal counsel argued that his misbehavior was due to the way he was coddled and given no responsibilities by his parents, a condition experts coined “affluenza.” The court sided with Couch and sentenced him to probation, a ruling which was criticized by the community. The money laundering charge was attributed to the money Couch allegedly took from the bank before she and her son crossed the border.

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