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Austin DNA evidence analysis transferred to Dallas County forensics lab

It might be a long time before Austin, Texas can make it through its backlog of over 600 batches of DNA evidence related to sexual assaults. Austin Police Department Chief of Staff Brian Manley told members of the Public Safety Commission last Tuesday, November 8 that he was uncertain when the Dallas County’s forensics laboratory would finish processing the evidence.

The Austin City Council passed a $3.6 million six-year contract with Dallas County to process Austin’s DNA evidence. Austin Police Department’s own laboratory faced recent closure because of evidence contamination. Judge Karen Sage of the 299th Travis County Criminal District Court said the backlog was already interfering with public safety and defendants’ constitutional rights. Sage recalled one case of a man charged with sexual assault who she was forced to dismiss before the DNA evidence could be analyzed because “he had a sixth amendment right to a speedy trial.”

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