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Texas AG must refile appeal of indictments after attorneys failed to do so

Texas’ highest court rejected the appeal made by 53-year-old Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Jr. for his three criminal indictments last Wednesday, August 31, saying that his attorneys did not file the proper paperwork.

Paxton’s legal counsel forgot to include a copy of a lower court’s ruling in their client’s filing and were given 10 days to correct the issue. The attorneys said they filed the appeal again with the proper paperwork by afternoon.

The attorneys now have to wait to see if the judges will accept their appeal. If Paxton is found guilty of violating state securities laws (a first-degree felony), he can face up to 99 years in prison and be fined with tens of thousands of dollars. His additional crimes include failure to register with the state as an investment adviser representative while giving clients to a friend’s firm and receiving a commission for the funneled clients (third-degree felony).

Paxton is also currently facing a civil fraud lawsuit with the federal government for the same alleged crimes, which will be tried starting September 2017.

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